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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bits and Pieces of the Drilling Machinery

Recently, I posted a link to the well spring Africa website.

That is a really good site demonstrating current-day percussion hand-powered drilling machinery, and I want to look at some of their material in more detail. We're likely to bounce around quite a bit talking about different aspects of their machinery, it's uses, and it's history. Some posts might be quite extensive; others (like this post, for example) will be very short.

Whether you lift the string of drilling tools with machinery, a spring pole, or by hand with a rope the principle behind percussion well drilling is the same: a drill bit repeated strikes the bottom of the borehole and gradually breaks up soil and/or rock. The drilling tools are periodically removed from the borehole and the pulverized drill cuttings removed.
Simple, right??

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